PTP Consultants Services:

* Advertising * Events * Image Consulting * Design & Marketing *
* Digital Marketing (social media, email blasts, blogging) *  Graphic Design *
* Marketing Strategy * Media Relations * Media Buys * Motion Graphics *
* Production & Placement * Promotional * Publicity * Public Relations * SMO * SEO *
* Web Solutions

PTP Consultants provides comprehensive communication and branding services to a diverse set of clients, from the smallest start-up venture and individuals to established international corporations and groups. Our ability to provide cost-effective and high quality services to a broad spectrum of clients is a great strength of our practice and attributable to our breadth of experience and deep commitment to our work. We treat each project we work on as a personal investment and take great pride in contributing to the long-term success of our clients. Take the journey of discovery and growth with us.

Image Consulting

Media Relations

Social Media & Web Design

Debate & Speech Prep

Production, Digital Marketing & Direct Mail Designs

Political Strategy Development and Implementation